Why Opt For Pin-Less Calling Cards?

Pin-Less dialing using your preferred calling card is among the most beneficial features within the telecommunications industry.pc2phone-11

The pin-less calling card differ from the conventional calling cards in that they do not require a PIN number when using them to make a call. Basically, card PIN numbers are between 10 and 14 digits long. This makes them rather difficult to remember. Having to remember this number every time your are making a call is not only inconveniencing, but also cumbersome.

Owing to the latest inventions in the telecommunications industry, it is now possible to enjoy all the benefits associated with conventional calling cards, but without having to enter a PIN number every time you are placing a call. Instead of the PIN numbers, the users of these pin-less cards are required to register their numbers, including office, mobile and home phone numbers. As such the numbers will be recognized by the provider through Automatic Number Identification (ANI) whenever you call the access number provided by your calling card provider.

This being the case, the system will never prompt for a PIN number, provided that you are using a number that is registered with your provider. However, if your card is used to make a call through a number that is not registered with your provider, the ANI system will require a PIN number before completing the call. Modern Pin-less calling cards offer lower international rates and an array of amazing features, such as Quality Customer Service, high voice quality, Pinless Dialing and Speed Dial.

Clearly, the pin-less cards are more convenient and time saving as compared to the traditional cards. While searching for the best calling card, you should consider such aspects as affordable rates, per minute rounding, voice quality, and dependable customer service and bonus points.


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